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Corporate Wellness Culture

On-Site Corporate Sponsored Massage

Table/Chair Massage

2 Hour Minimum@$100 per Hour and Per Additional Therapist


The Wellness Culture

Quarterly Bundle

4 in-office/staff wellness days $600

Semi Annual Bundle

Bi Monthly office/staff wellness days $800

Wellness Culture Monthly Maintenance

     Monthly office/staff Day of Wellness(1 annual office-worker’s                  day of observance) $2000

Wellness Culture Weekly Maintenance

      Weekly office/staff Wellness Days(3 annual office-worker’s          days of observance) (1 culture specific workshop)$10,000


Individually Priced Sessions(paid for by recipients)

The Energizer(Neck and Shoulder)

15 Minutes/ $20

The Zone(Neck, Shoulder, Arms, Hands

20 Minutes/@25

The Targeter(Neck, Shoulders, Back, Arms, Hands)

30 Minutes/$40

The Problem Solver(Occupation Specific Injuries)

45 Minutes/$65

The Solution(Occupation Specific Injuries)

60 Minutes/$85

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